Sunday, May 18, 2008

A New Moretti

On May 14th, 2008, shortly before midnight, a new Moretti joined the family.

My brother Mark and his wife Carolina.

Welcome, Mr. Lucas John Moretti!

As his proud Godfather (Gulp!), I thought I'd share some pictures:
(Click them to enlarge to original size)

A Baby Lucas foot at 0 days old.

An emotional mom and baby.

It's pretty rough having been in a nice dark, warm environment for so long and then getting thrown into the lights and all these people making a fuss over you

Here's the little guy blinking his eyes open for the first time, with the whole family looking on: He's thinking, "Oh no! Not THIS family!!"

Here's Lucas getting weighed in (7lbs 8 oz):

Lucas getting handed over to mom for the first time. Everyone's laughing at his pouty lips:

Grandma (and Aunt Julie) with Lucas.

A couple of crazy Uncles.


Lucas, Abuela, and Grandma.

Grandpa, Dad, and Abuelo.

A family tradition that we've been doing (and arguing over!) for years is the coveted "You Are Special Today" plate. Let's just say that you've got to do something really significant to earn the right to eat off this plate at Sunday night dinner. (I had to ride my bike 600 miles across Africa to get it!) Lucas now holds the record for the youngest family member to earn the plate (4 days old). We figured "being born" was enough to qualify him for the distinction. He'll have to try a little harder the next time he gets it, though.

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