Monday, October 15, 2007

The Statistics

Here are the statistics from the Great Mountain Bike Adventure of 2007 (excluding one evening ride around town in Durango where both of our computers' batteries died):

Number of Consecutive Days Riding: 14
Number of Rides: 15
Number of States Ridden In: 3
Total Hours in the Saddle: 35 hours, 46 minutes
Total Miles Ridden: 231.94 miles
Total Elevation Gain (uphill): 27,287 feet
Total Elevation Loss (downhill): 37,749 feet
Highest Elevation: 12,052 feet (top of Santa Fe Ski Resort)
Lowest Elevation: 4,003 feet (Moab, UT)


Lewie Tenorio said...

What an adventure! Dude, what about inviting me next time?

CNMI Blogger said...

Congratulations, Greg! My friend Don from Durango, Colorado, arrives in a week. I bet you two might have something to chat about. Perhaps we can all have dinner when he gets here.

Well done, again, and welcome home.

Brit's Blog said...

You are an incredible inspiration.

Now what are you gonna do??!!Can't wait to hear all about it.