Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kessel's Run, Fruita, CO ... and back to Durango

We woke up, cooked up some bacon, egg and cheese burritos, and then I went for a quick 45-minute ride down Kessel’s Run and up Prime Cut while Rou packed up the tent. Along the trail I met a dad and his 10-yr old son riding in the opposite direction. One of the cool things about the riding we’ve done on this trip is that we’ve met men and women, skinny and big-boned, aged from 10-60+ all riding bikes on these amazing trails. And everybody has been friendly and willing to stop and chat to a fellow biker along the way. We’ve even exchanged emails with a number of folks at the end of rides.

We’re heading back towards Durango now, and may give the Colorado Trail a shot tomorrow if we’re feeling up to another three hour challenge. The scenic highway 550 south between Ridgeway, CO and Ouray, CO (the “Switzerland of America”) is an unbelievably gorgeous stretch of road through an aspen-yellow valley with horses grazing in fields of green grass on humble yet beautiful ranches.

The road winds slowly towards the jagged mountain peaks painted white with snow in the distance.

It got down to 34 degrees and started snowing as we went over some of the mountain passes. I hope the weather holds out for tomorrow's ride in Durango.

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antonina said...

Snow's tops of mountains, huge century pines - all this is very similar to the nature around of Khabarovsk in Russia in the winter. But when at us the snow is down that temperature of air - 20-35 C. And here such beauty and without frosts! This is really nice site!!!